Time Efficiency

Automated Picking and Filling
No picking and refill errors


Automated Inventory & checking
Total traceability
Real time stock
Enhance access control

Process Efficiency

Improve efficiency through integrated workflow solutions
No SKU's limits and single stock location

Customer Satisfaction

Improvement in the speed and quality of customer service

Cost Reduction

Stock reduction through optimization
Less manual picking

Space Efficiency

Save up to 4 time more space than traditional shelves
Stock organization


The rBox robotic picking system, manufactured in Germany, is the most installed robotic solution in the world for picking varied items and varied item shapes and sizes.

Due to the unique & flexible design of the solutions available, RAX solutions are used in many different environments. The main 3 areas of industry in which RAX solutions are being used are:

  • Production - Enhance the manufacturing process
  • Distribution - Perform or enhance distribution operations
  • Retail - Maximize retail performance

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Automation is maximized through the significant range of additional solutions which can fully automate further processes including:
  • Increased speed and resilience with an additional rBox picking head inside the same unit
  • Automated labelling,
  • Integrated logistics solutions,
  • Automated shelf-cleaning,
  • Processing of refrigerated items,
  • Many more...

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Software optimization is the key to increase even more our cutting edge hardware technology.
We are constantly improving the software that make our success:
  • Easy software integration to your IT system,
  • User friendly interface to get immediately the most of the rBox,
  • New algorithm to always improve speed, accuracy and space optimisation

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