The rDeStacker is an automated tote-filling system that is used in conjunction with the rBox.

The rDeStacker is designed to allow orders for items to be collated into a "tote" or "Collection" box before such a box is sent to your customer or onto a further part of your business.

It can be designed using a variety of different components, such as lifts, conveyors, de-stackers and printers, depending on the requirements of your specific business.

The main components and functions of the rDeStacker are:

  • De-stacker: Available in multiple sizes to meet the needs of different businesses, the De-stacker will pick up a single tote-box from a large stack and position it ready for the Vmax to deliver items in the tote-box.
  • Tote-boxes: Tote-boxes: Are available in 2 sizes: Small boxes [299mm x 199mm] or Large boxes [505mm x 330mm].
  • Conveyor Solutions Belt: A variety of conveyor solutions are then designed in accordance with your business's requirements to move tote-boxes
  • Tote Labelling: Labels can be applied to the tote (as well as to the items being picked into the tote-box), identifying information such as destination codes, order numbers, as well barcodes to encode such information.

RAX rDeStacker - Made in Germany