Mobile Robot Benefits

Easy to use

Easily operated via touch pad.


Flexible delivery system.


No need to pre-program path.


Self-mapping with on-board PC.


Can be adjusted to different industries and applications.

Easy to integrate

Rapid installation and integration into RAX systems.

Mobile robot

Flexible delivery system

Mobile robots allow your operators to focus on value-added tasks.

Unlike the AGV mobile robots are completely autonomous and are intergrated in your exisiting workflow without expensive facility modification. Their routes and missions can be reprogrammed in a heartbeat.

RAX has partnered with OMRON to complete its solutions with the best mobile robots on the market.

Up to 6 ft/s

Weight capacity:
Up to 130kg


  • Flexible delivery system
  • Easily controlled through the Mobile Planner app
  • No need for re-programming in case of changes in path
  • On-board laser generates the path and creates a map used to add locations and restriction zones

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