Our philosophy

"RAX was started in 2015, but has deep roots in automation from its experienced team. Within a short period of time RAX has been able to prove highly innovative automation solutions for processes which involve single picked small items with wide SKU ranges. These can be both for Distribution logistics and In-line manufacturing. RAX provides turn-key concepts, which use a combination of standard and customized modules to achieve the very best performance for your business. Our approach is to work closely together with our customers to understand their existing processes, and then to improve on them with automation. This means that our solutions have multiple benefits. Not just an FTE based ROI, but workflow and hence service level improvements. In 2019 RAX was able to gain the prestigious first prize at the MECSPE automation Show (out of 2500 exhibitors) for the best Production technology. We look forward to your enquiry!"


Founder & CEO of RAX Group