Time Saving

Saves loading time compared to traditional manual loading.


Detects, recognises and stores expiration date, diameter, strength, cylinder and base curve.


No need for human intervention from start to finish.

Increased Control

Handles blisters of all shapes and sizes.

Space Reduction

Compact compared to other sorting robots.


Unique vision system & gripper ensure maximum precision & accuracy.


Automated Sorting and Loading System for blisters

The goal for developping aBlisFill was to help eliminate the challenges caused by manual sorting and handling of blister packs. Each blister has to be sorted one by one based on the strength and type.

The various type of blister shapes and sizes is one challenge we have had to face. By implementing a special gripper and sorting system, our R&D team has managed to simplify sorting and storage of the most delicate optical items.

Another challenge we have had to overcome is tracking of expiration dates and any additional data printed on the blister. That was achieved thanks to specially developed vision system that recognizes all types of fonts and number combinations.

Why it is a great addition to rBox?

  • Automated sorting and loading eliminates the neccessity of human factor.
  • Automatic product identification helps to keep track of all data on each blister.
  • aBlissFill communicates with rBox - all information on the items are recognized and stored by the software of rBox.
  • Expiration date, diameter, power, cylinder and base curve are accuratly detected and documented.
  • Each blister is placed on an special tray by aBlisFill and conveyed (individually) to the rBox.
  • Product SKU is automatically recognized.

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