Process Efficiency

Increased control over the loading process.

Time Saving

Elimination of routine work and better allocation of time.


All packs are registered in the rAM software.

Easy to use

Automatic loading at a touch of a button.

Day and night

Overnight function without interruption of unread barcodes.

Customer Satisfaction

Service Level Agreements are exceeded by going beyond customer expectations.


Automated Pack Loading System

The aLoader is a fully automated loading system. The packs are thrown in the loading compartment and automatically sorted by the system. The aLoader recogizes all types of 2D barcodes. It can be integrated into the rBox (internal) or installed as an external unit. You can save a massive amount of time to focus on other tasks and reduce manual time-consuming activities.


160 packs/hour


1600 x 531 x 1625 mm

The weight and size of the packs are only limited by the capacity of the storage unit, rBox. The rAm software enables you to take full control over the loading proccess through a touch screen directly on site or right from your office. All packs are registered thanks to several barcode readers.

The length of aLoader will be defined according to the length of the rBox. The capacity is approximately 240 packs per meter buffer belt.

Overnight function enables the system to work during the night. Packs with barcodes which cannot be read are separeted out in a different compartment to avoid any interruption in the continuous loading proccess.

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