rBox Benefits

Process Efficiency

rBox combined with rAM software continuously registers movements of every single item in stock.

Time Saving

Our solution provides increased Inventory Accuracy to eliminate lengthy cycle counts and maximise overall efficiency.

Cost Optimisation

Cost reduction is ensured by fully eliminating unexpected events, while maximising business value through flawless workflow.

Increased Control

The real-time inventory database allows for remote control and early identification of possible stock-outs.

Space Reduction

rBox by RAX helps to reduce your footprint by up to 70%.

Customer Satisfaction

Service Level Agreements are exceeded by going beyond customer expectations.


Automated Storage & Retrieval System

The rBox by RAX is an automated storage and retrieval system focusing on single order picking of small items with unlimited SKUs

  • Single order picking has many benefits, such as reduction of work in progress and better control of the quality process. Our solutions handle items delicately and accurately. The rBox performs up to 450 movements per hour.
  • Small items: RAX automates small items that are typically still picked manually. Existing automated Material Handling Solutions are heavily geared towards bulky items.  
  • Unlimited SKUs: There is no set of SKUs too extensive for us to handle. Our robots can single pick any number of packs, enabling businesses to more easily manage inventory.

The packs are stored non-systematically and picked on request and delivered via an integrated direct output or via the connected conveyor. 

The rBox by RAX is available in various heights, widths and lengths. The layout will vary depending on your configuration. Your machine will be made specifically for you and customised to your needs and circumstances.

Minimum Size      Maximum Size

Height: 1.8 m         Height: 3.5 m  
Length: 2.4 m        Length: 15 m
Width: 1.33 m        Width: 2.13 m

It is available with 2 picking arms to speed up your workflow.


Key Benefits:

  • Space Reduction
  • Cost Optimisation
  • Time Saving
  • Process Efficiency
  • Increased Control
  • Customer Satisfation


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