xAct Benefits


1500 items per hour.

Easy to operate

The machine is connected to rAM and requires no additional support.


Multiple barcode verifying system ensures no errors are made when the items are paired and matched to the job tray.

Minimised human intervention

No operator intervention required. All actions are performed autonomously.

Easily integrated into the system

Does not require any additional machinery to operate. Easily connected to rBox and conveyor system.

Time saving

xAct allows for packs to be delivered at highest speed in any sequence. xAct does the rest.


xAct - Automated Order Compilation System

xAct is an automated matching system that pairs envelopes to job orders by placing the right pair of envelopes into a supplied job tray. It is a unique system that eliminates the necessity of manual pairing and picking.

To save time, the rBox systems output envelopes in a mismatched order on a conveyor system which is directly linked to the automated order compilation system - xAct. Multiple barcode readers scan the envelopes and pair them depending on job orders. The software recognizes the correct pair and matches it to the job tray. xAct then picks the correct pair and transfers it to the corresponding job tray.

What enables a job order to be recognized?

xTag prints, folds and places a job order ticket into a job tray, which is then directed to xAct.

xAct is the last step to full automation. By implementing an automated loading, storing, picking and pairing system, storage management becomes as easy as driving an automatic car.

It completes the system, making the whole process automated.

Speed: 1500 items/hour

Machine dimensions: 1.2m x 2m x 1.5m

1 operator needed to supervise the process.


  • Speed
  • Easy to operate
  • Error-free
  • Minimised human intervention
  • Easily integrated into the system
  • Time saving

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