Why choose RAX Solutions ?

“Our automated warehouses for distribution and/or production line applications greatly enhance efficiency. The RAX team has much experience deeply rooted in automation. Within only a few years our team has been able to develop innovative solutions for industries characterized by small items with a wide SKU range. Since 2015 we have developed almost 20 new technologies, as well as enhancing and customizing existing ones. Using these and working together with our customers, RAX creates the optimum solution.”

Rupert Katritzky
President RAX Group

RAX develops and integrates innovative technologies to be able to provide customized logistics solutions. We work closely together with our customers and suppliers so that our solutions can evolve and be upscaled as required.

One of our core philosophies is to provide ‘Orders-To-Person’ solutions rather than ‘Goods-To-Person’. This eliminates an extra manual step, as well as unnecessary stock flows. It also enables better flexibility, scalability, speed, operational efficiency, cost and ROI.

From the smallest Retail Outlet to the largest Distribution Centre, and from a workshop to a full production line, we can provide customized automated end-to-end Material Handling, thanks to the flexibility and modularity of our solutions. Our agile logistics management solutions include:

  • Forward logistics
  • Reverse logistics
  • Elastic logistics
  • Lean management
  • Risk management
  • Security management
  • Health & Safety management

Many of our customers are very large companies with operations across the world. Others are medium or small-sized, and concentrated within a single continent or country. We are active across the globe, so that we can closely support them all, wherever required.

Our philosophy is to develop long term relationships with our customers; partnerships. We do this by winning their trust; by continuously demonstrating our know-how, reliability, commitment and integrity, whilst deepening our understanding of our customers’ processes and requirements as they evolve. We achieve this, because we are dedicated solely to this market, and not distracted by any other activities.

Wherever we have installations, we have achieved significant enhancements in operational efficiency, as well as increased space efficiency, reduced stock holdings and increased productivity.

Our Benefits

Initially industrial customers with no comparative automation are fixated on Labour ROI justified solutions. But as soon as such solutions are implemented, they recognise that the far-reaching further array of benefits are often much greater than the ROI gain itself. These include space saving, 100% stock control and traceability, stock reduction, dynamic stock holding and rotation, active management of expiry dates, faster turnaround times enabling higher service levels, and single order picking and processing . Around 80% of our orders are repeat orders from existing customers, either as rollouts for new sites, or add-ons to an existing one; demonstrating great satisfaction from the solutions installed and confidence in RAX’s after sales support. As existing customers come to understand the robustness and benefits of the solutions already provided, their repeat orders usually involve an ever deeper and wider application of automation. Given the modularity of the technologies used, RAX is able to upgrade and upscale existing solutions with ease.

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