Project objective : Automate the loading, storage and delivery of semi-finished lenses to the production line. The challenge was the very high quantity of semi-finished lenses to be processed daily – over 20,000.

Prior to automation this part of Novacel’s process was taken care of by a large team of FTEs. They manually filled storage shelves with semi-finished lenses received at goods-in, picked them as required by production, and loaded them on trolleys to deliver them to the line. The space required for all this activity was 320 square metres.

The space required for the automated solution was only 170 square metres, despite continuously rising volumes; Only a part time single FTE was needed for operation of the system.


Initial installation 2015
RAM, 5 rBox, 1 aPackloader, 5 aim input modules, xPect conveyors including transfer bots

Add-on 2020
2 rBox, 2 aim input modules, xPect conveyors and transfer bots extended

Current configuration:
RAM, 7 rBox, 1 aPackloader, 7 aim input modules, xPect conveyors and transfer bots.

Current storage capacity: 110,000 semi-finished lenses

Customer feedback:

“By installing the RAX Solutions automated systems, we have been able to make one of the key initial steps of our production process more reliable and absorb into it all our growth of the last years. We have been able with these robots to double the throughput of our production and without any increase in headcount and thus have been able to meet the strong demand of the French optical market.

The RAX system linked to our conveyor system has enabled us to ramp up the orders processed by our production line very rapidly and effectively. ”

Guillaume L – Manufacturing Manager