Project objective: Automate the loading, storage and pairing and sequenced delivery of finished lenses. Also in two further systems, the same for semi-finished lenses and frames.

This is certainly one of our most complete sites. To satisfy the customer’s expectations, RAX developed several new products, enabling the entire process to be automated.

The entire process was manual before automation, with a large team of FTEs.

The customer experienced immediate efficiency gains, as well as enhancing his market competitiveness. In turn this has boosted his turnover, 1.25 million finished lenses currently being processed annually. Once automated, the process only requires a part time single FTE. The delivery cut-off point has been reduced from 2 hours before shipment to 15 minutes. This has had a massive lever effect, as most of the opticians placing orders with the customer prefer to do so in the early evening, just before they close. All these orders can now be shipped to them the next day, instead of in two days. The customer has been able to reduce his stock holding by 25%. The space required was 30% less, freeing up a valuable area for further equipment.


Initial installation (Semi-finished lenses) – 2014
RAM, 2 rBOX, 1 aLoader, xPect conveyors including transfer bot

Second system (Finished lenses) – 2018
RAM, 4 rBOX, 4 aIM input modules, xPect conveyors and transfer bots, 1 aFILL, 1 xACT, 1 xTag, 1 xTend, rTray

Add-on to second system – 2019
1 aBuffer, rTray

Third system – 2020
RAM, 1rBOX, xPect conveyors

Add-on to first system – 2021
1 xPort, xPect conveyors