The rBox is an automated storage system dedicated to the commissioning of orders capable of managing an unlimited number or quantity of items.

The automation of commissioning provides numerous advantages such as labour saving, and enhanced process quality.

RAX automates the logistics of items that are normally picked by hand. Our solutions tend to be for high volume applications.

Unlimited SKUs: Our rBox are not limited by SKU range, which enables our customers to manage their stocks more easily,

The packs and items are stored inside the rBox, optimising available storage space, and afterwards directly delivered where required via conveyor or mobile robot systems.

The rBox is available in different heights and lengths. The choice of these depends on the configuration required. Your rBox will be specifically designed according to your requirements. This can include extra internal conveyoring and lifts to enhance throughput performance.

rBox Minimum dimensions/Maximum dimensions:
Height: 2 m /Height 4 m
Length: 2 m/ Length 15 m
Width: 1.43m

Items Minimum dimensions/Maximum dimensions:
Min: 10mm x 10mm x 10mm (L x W x H)
Max: 250mm x 150mm x 150mm (L x W x H)
Weight: up to 5kg

There are two types of picking head. Either standard or equipped with an pannier to allow an even greater number of items to be collected before output. A second picking head can be added to maximize input/output performance.

rBox Accessories
RAX has developed a range of accessories for the rBox to further enhance performance

rTray: Tray, so non-boxed items can be stored in the rBox

rHold: Holder, so upright bottles can be stored in the rBox

rLite: Light barrier to detect Foreign Object Disturbance inside the rBox


The rBuffer is a specialized module dedicated to storing finished lens envelope trays. It was developed by RAX to optimize rBox input and output performance. It does this by regulating the flow of trays reaching the rBox buffer input conveyor, so that only full trays flow through. Depending on the state of flow (peaks or troughs) the rBuffer decides to either send trays to the aFill for loading and then on to the rBox buffer input conveyor, or to stock them in the rBuffer for use later.

A single rBuffer has a capacity of up to 1500 trays. Multiple rBuffers can be used to increase capacity.