🙌 😃 Very proud and happy to receive such a nice feedback from one of our Partners :

“On our journey of continuous improvement , we have been working under LEAN approach to target activities were we can gain more speed and efficiency, all studies were carried out to find the pain points that were present in our process and it was clear that managing our stock was one of the main bottle necks.

After evaluating different options it was clear that an automation solution will be the best, from the previous experience from our main site in Europe we worked with RAX to find the best fit to our needs in Middle east. 

My experience with RAX was great from the beginning, over the planning, fabrication and implementation stages of the project their team was always ready to support and give their best to have the right automatized warehouse for our products.

Our final solution has given us capabilities to triplicate our stocking capacity while using efficiently less space in our laboratory, also it has reduced drastically the time needed to fetch and put back products in our inventory while keeping absolute control of the quantities present.”

Thank you again for your trust! 🤝



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