RAX Solutions worked closely with BeLa to develop the most effective solution to meet the challenges present. The solution designed and implemented is built from the core rBox Plus system. The rBox Plus system was chosen to be able to manage the large range of products (in excess of 4,000 SKU’s), the limited footprint, the size of items, and to ensure all items were managed by a locked robotic unit.

The rBox Plus has been designed with multiple output points, able to deliver items to both the e-commerce operation and the retail operation as and when necessary, using various outputting solutions whilst not impinging on any of the valuable retail footprint. The whole system is managed and controlled by the specially developed rAM solution, which also forms the integration engine into the local EPOS software employed by BeLa.

Project objective

  • Coping with the significant seasonal peaks

  • Providing a fast, high-quality and accurate service

  • Creating an efficient operation where staff are focused on business development.

  • Managing the large product.

  • Managing the entire operation within a limited footprint.


“The RAX Solution has brought us many benefits especially the increased stock accuracy and reduced storage space, but during these difficult times the improved job satisfaction of our employees through the removal of monotonous tasks such putting stock away, checking stock and picking items has been most rewarding.”

Gunther Beck, Owner, BeLa & Co GmbH