What we do?

Software and interface

RAX Software: RAM

Storage Modules

Storage robot and order commissioning

Input Modules

Automated loading

Output Modules

Conveyoring and output modules

Head of R&D

Cédric Baradat

“To be Technical Director of RAX means taking a simple idea as a starting point to develop a machine, robot, or functionality which fulfils a specific market requirement. Once the idea has been germinated a process is set In place. Together with my teams we define a technical requirement, a budget, a concept, and then launch the manufacture of the product and prototypes as necessary. Innovation is a passion, the fruit of collaboration between several persons with different backgrounds and qualifications. My role as leader is to channel all creative energies to avoid dispersal of effort and so to respect timings and budgets.”

Mechanical engineer

Thomas Tambouchetty

“Despite my youth, Rax did not hesitate to integrate me into their R&D team, I am a Mechanical Engineer, and my role is to crystallise ideas into technical concepts, reflecting how technology can be optimally utilized.
Although we are international, we have retained the culture of a family company, in which helping each other is a matter of course.
In the few years I have been at RAX, I have gained enormous experience through my job, I’ve enlarged my skill range and gained self-confidence and initiative.”