Conveyor Systems

The conveyor system serves as a binding element that complements RAX solutions.

Our solutions can be anything you want them to be. We have decided to work with the best conveyor systems providers and engineer unique solutions fit to every customer's needs. Our goal is not to substitute what you have already, but rather to complement it. 

RAX conveyor systems are engineered specifically for your needs, without compromise.

What makes us different?

Our in-house conveyor experts offer an endless number of designs with an endless number of available features and options tailored to your facility and your operational needs.

Our conveyor experts take it upon themselves to analyse your current layout and come up with ways it can be enhanced or completed. They ensure the system fits to your products and make sure it provides an appropriate level of security.

  • Flexible conveyors
  • Spiral conveyors
  • Vibrating conveyors
  • Belt conveyors
  • Plastic belt conveyors

And more!...

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